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Welcome to Cafemarkt

As Cafemarkt, we produce and sell the porcelain brand Porterra with our experience of more than 10 years. In addition to selling porcelain, we also sell all of the industrial kitchen equipment that the industry needs. We aim to serve you better with the dealership and main dealership of many brands, especially Öztiryakiler, among the industry leaders. While continuing our professional work flow with big brands, we supply and sell more than 70 domestic and foreign brands. We make special production as porcelain and wood and apply logos to all products we sell for wood, glass and porcelain. We create projects for your kitchens and structure them from A to Z. As we sell online at, we also have one-to-one sales from our İstoç store.

Cafemarkt Brand

Cafemarkt was established in 2011 in Istanbul. Cafemarkt sells industrial kitchen equipment. At the same time, it produces and sells porcelain under the Porterra brand addressing corporate kitchens such as cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Cafemarkt is the dealer of many well-established domestic and foreign industrial kitchen equipment brands, especially Öztiryakiler, and sells products and represents brands.

and sales of new brands interested in representing Turkey Cafemarkt operate anywhere in the supply of products.

Cafemarkt designs and completes the corporate kitchens ergonomically from A to Z within the scope of projects prepared by its experienced team with its wide range of products.

Cafemarkt Sales Approach

Cafemarkt is based on customer satisfaction in the wholesale and retail sales system. It offers the products of domestic and foreign world-famous brands under its brand with high discounts.

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